Yet another cat! “Purrince Siddhartha” in india ink and ballpoint pen

Drawing of Purrince Siddhartha the cat in ink and ballpoint penHere’s a drawing I did after getting a request from the owner over at the blog called NylabluesmumΒ  – thanks for the request πŸ™‚

This one ended up a little sketchy and quite crazy looking. The cat in question is none other than the famous “Purrince Siddhartha”… I know of a Prince Siddhartha – famous guy – but i think it’sΒ  someone else !

When I draw, I need to take my time and be precise if i want to have some kind of control over the outcome. If i draw quicker and perhaps a little more intuitively, it get unpredictable, but also a lot more fun. This is one of those quick sketches (admittedly most of what i do, I draw rather quickly) – This portrait ended up a little on the crazy side. Perhaps the owner can clarify if it’s fitting for Siddhartha.

Oh and if you think you spot a heart-shape in his left eye, you’re right !


32 thoughts on “Yet another cat! “Purrince Siddhartha” in india ink and ballpoint pen”

  1. Prince is a young’n (only about 8 months) so he’s crazy pants! Yes that look suits him! And mes sure his Mom Person will be very happy when she sees it!
    Great work!

    • It is hard! But at least when working from photos, i’ve noticed that black is rarely really black.. there’s always other colors mixed in.. Often blue. (i did some gorillas and other primates a few months back, and they’re surprisingly blue!) – other than that, i suppose it’s a matter of contrast.. where is it darkest and so on.. Another thing that’s very hard is drawing white fur with a black pen!!! It gets even harder if there’s a lot of light. Then the white just becomes plain paper–coloured without any clear lines or textures to go after..

  2. Little Siddhartha is quite a character and still a youngster but your drawing captures that “sense of fun” that kittens have very well…………..I’m sure his Mom will love the drawing!


  3. Absolutely brilliant Thomas!! The ‘crazy’ look is ‘purrfect’ for Purrince Siddhartha henry…he iss a bit wacky so I think you captured his spirit well…thank you so much! Here is the Purrince himself:
    Mee-you Mistur Thomass thiss pickture iss like lookin inn thee meeror!! Fankss so much for doin mee portrait!!! Me gonna put it on thee bloggie today1!! WOO HOO!!!
    **nose bumpss** Siddhartha Henry xxx

  4. Like Nellie from Cat From hell said, Purrince Siddhartha Henry IS crazypants & you captured him 150%.
    You have 2 more satisfied customers, lol…
    Thanks again!
    Sherri-Ellen & Purrince Siddhartha Henry

  5. Well if you are in a lull Thomas feel free to do another drawing of Purrince Siddhartha Henry….but honestly I do not think you can perfect on perfection!
    We just posted our Sunday selfie blog with a link to your blog so people can come check out your drawings. I KNOW your sketch is going to be a B-I-G hit! Thank you again…
    You are truly talented!
    Sincerely, Sherri-Ellen & Purrince Siddhartha Henry =^,.^=

  6. Yep he is a crazy young boy is sweet Siddhartha and you got him very well! I love how as with photography the black subjects pose new challenges..and indeed they have other shades that can be subtle but still add that I have one of my cats black one dog black..and three black sheep…makes taking pictures….well tricky! πŸ™‚ another lovely image Thomas πŸ™‚ Fozziemum


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