Wacky dog and another cat

Drawing of a dog in ballpoint penDrawing of a cat in ballpoint penHere’s what I did today drawing wise.. Would you look at that dog! No – there is no creative modification of this and that and it isn’t a caricature. This majestic creature just had to be drawn. Amazing.

Since I’m infinitely bad at updating my blog these days, I just thought that I’d point out to anyone interested that I put my things up on twitter immediately upon finishing my sketches these days – so if you want, you can keep an eye on my twitter account which is where I’m also taking drawing requests these days. – I’ve embedded my twitter-stream down in the footer of this site – It shows my sketches and the photo-requests that people send me.

Everything I’m doing these days is really quick and drawn in coffee breaks and on train rides, since my time is pretty limited. I’m not totally happy about the quality of what I’ve done recently – It’s all okay, but since everything is a bit quick, it doesn’t really look that impressive in my eyes. I don’t think I should worry too much, though. When I’ll be having more time on my hands (in December or something!) – I should be able to “get lost” in the drawings once again and get back to experimenting with other media and especially other subjects!!! Drawing the same thing 100 times over seems to somehow kill the excitement, as it ended up being the case with my politician portraits.

However….. Drawing from request is somehow convenient because I don’t have to search out stuff by myself, and it automatically provides an “audience” (since a lot of people on twitter seem excited about me drawing their pets).. Maybe I should ask for other kinds of requests too? #DrawMyHouse #DrawMyKitchen #DrawMyUncle … Any suggestions?


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