Vincent’s chair ( Drawing 90 )


This is a chair, drawn after a Van Gogh Painting. His own chair apparently. He painted it on a happy painting-binge while he passed some time with Paul Gauguin whom Van Gogh’s brother, Theo had convinced to come visit, in order to help Vincent in a crisis that grew gradually deeper. While the two had a good run at the beginning – painting everything in Vincents little yellow house, (including this chair) Vincent eventually got violent (according to the biography that i have in my hands) – This resulting in Gauguin leaving Van Gogh in his depression. According to my book, it is after this incident that Van Gogh cut off part of his ear. This was in 1888.

This is my 90’th drawing for my blog! – I passed one month of drawing everyday some ten days ago, so I missed the oppourtunity to mark the “one month” threshold, however, i think that i ought to do something special for my 100’th drawing. Perhaps something a bit bigger than my usual format. I’m thinking a perspective of the street outside my window on a A3 or something like that – I don’t know if it’ll be watercolour or toned pencil. We’ll see.

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