Two leafs ( Drawings 41 and 42 )

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So I had a little hectic aquarel session after my Cezanne study this morning. I had to run for the train. Again. I think i ought to get some kind of control over my morning-drawing habits.. Anyway..

I got some suggestions yesterday on another leaf drawing where davisbrotherlylove suggested that I could try to mix the leaf-color with it’s complementary color to get a nice looking neutral shadow. Alison Warner suggested in the same post that i work with “erasing” some of the hard black shadow-contours, to get a more fading shade. I tried both of these things – and although it might be of varying results, i think i am advancing.

The first leaf, which had dried a bit over night, was rolled up like a cigar – the other one was no less complicated, and they both bear witness to the fact that i was in a hurry.. This being my 41’th and 42’nd drawing (yes, i started counting them) made me think, that i may plan something bigger for the 50’th or 100’th drawing.. I don’t know… I would be nice at some point to be able to look back at certain “standpoints” in my progress in learning all of these techniques.. I’ll think about it.

Thanks to everybody for their suggestions, and do keep them coming ! (Sorry if i forgot to mention someone)

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