Drawing of a bird in ballpoint pen after photo and poem by Drycrickjournal

This is a drawing I did after a photo i stumbled across this morning. I’m not sure what kind of bird it is – perhaps someone can help me out? It does look like a chick though. The photo was acompanied by a poem in the “Drycrickjournal”. I really liked the poem that speaks of … Read more

409 Drawing of a meerkat by ballpoint pen. Photo by WoollyMuses

These last days I’ve been searching around WordPress for the search-tag “Wildlife” – today this meercat from the site woollymuses.wordpress.com and I didn’t have to search any longer ! I’d like to learn how to draw sunlight with a ballpoint pen. I suppose it’s just a question of going really dark on the shaded parts … Read more

408 Drawing of Chub-Chub, the cat, in ballpoint pen and watercolors

This cat’s called Chub-Chub! After drawing the horse and rider yesterday, Tom, who’s the photographer behind these pictures revealed to me that he’s got a cat-blog also. I decided that this was a good time to do a cat-drawing, so I picked this photo of his cat, Chub-Chub running in the grass. I’m pretty happy … Read more

405 Drawing of a little lion who just woke up in ballpoint pen after photo by Christian Sperka

I just stubled a little around and then I saw this fantastic photo of a little lion waking up (by Christian Sperka photography) – and i had to draw it 😉 It’s a little loose and sketchy, but I think it turned out well. It took 5-10 minutes, so I’m really happy about the outcome.

402 Drawing of Tibetan Gazelle with ballpoint pen and watercolor

Here’s a drawing that I just did. A Tibetan Gazelle grazing. I wanted to try my new waterproof ballpoint pen with the watercolors – it turns out that it really is waterproof. It’s a little hard to control for the finer details though. I think it went a little too wild on this one, and … Read more

398 Drawing of a crow with ballpoint pen and watercolors based on a photo by TPJPhoto.net

I’ve been looking for crow photos these last three days. What a strange and beautiful bird! Finally I found a good photo on a blog called TPJPhoto.net The drawing turned out good, but the colors are off. While crows are black, they have beautiful nuances of blue in the sunlight. My drawing looks more like … Read more

391 llamas in Gdansk – Ink drawing with ballpoint pen after photo by Charles D.

These are Llamas (I’m pretty sure that’s what they are) I found the photo on Charles D’s Photography blog – He’s made some nice llama pictures in the zoo! These were quick sketches. The proportions are off –  i did the big one first. Started with the ears and realized that the rest of the … Read more

389 Chipmunk in pen and watercolor after photo by Victor Rakmil

Behold for this is a chipmunk. (Or is it a squirrel? What is the difference?) Trying to do something different once in a while. This one was quick – The green grass turned out a little unnatural. Maybe i ought to have faded it more in the background. Any thoughts? I have a couple of … Read more