Landscape in Bhutan

thomas-dalsgaard-clausen-2015-11-30a landscape in bhutan pen and watercolor

This is all I got around to doing yesterday. A landscape scene in Bhutan, that I found through “random street view” – I’m not that strong in landscapes and it’s something I’d like to improve, so this site might be a way to quickly finding some more or less useful scenes.

I think that this one could have been a little better with more detailing in the foreground. But how do you actually draw trees and shrubs?



Quick sketch of a guy with his camera


Again a Reddit gets drawn sketch – this guy wanted to have a drawing made of him holding his camera. I wanted to try one of those really quick pen sketches with loosely added watercolor to make it come alive. I often see people making those, and really love how this minimal attack can give really nice results.

I think the last time I tried doing something similar was when I tried to copy some great watercolor cyclist sketches by Maxine Dodd very very long ago.

I actually drew this so fast that I accidentally dipped my watercolor brush in my coffee. But never worry. It tastes just fine.

753thomas-dalsgaard-clausen-2015-11-25f sketch guy and his camera in pen and watercolor

Three drawings from the last couple of days

Drawing of a cat in pen

Drawing of a cat in penThis is a sketch I did for someone called Taryn – I like how it turned out with the eyes, and I threw in that black outline that I’ve done a few times recently. I can’t decide if it’s good or bad though – I suppose it depends weather the drawing aim to be realist or not.

Drawing of a cat in penHere’s one that probably lacked a little effort. I think i finished it too quickly, and I didn’t put enough effort into measuring out the sheet of paper beforehand.

Painting of a tabby cat in watercolor and penAnd lastly – this is a portrait that I just finished for the winner of my recent pet portrait giveaway

The cat in the picture is called Cuzz-Wuzz, and her “mom” is a cat-blogger over at

You can read more about this cat portrait at my pet-portrait site


Win a portrait of your pet! + Interview + Fresh portrait of Merlin the cat!

Drawing of a cat called Merlin in pen and watercolor

Drawing of a cat called Merlin in pen and watercolorI’ve been interviewed by a cat! Who would have thought it possible? I’m amazed! And I think it turned out quite good! Come read it here: Interview with artist Thomas Clausen and pet portrait giveaway – If you comment on Merlin’s post, you also get the chance to win a portrait of your pet – drawn by me! – so go ahead and do that!

The above drawing is my 688th since the 9th September 2014! Yup!
Come see this one at my Pet portrait portfolio too!

Two drawings of dogs

Drawing of a dog in ballpoint pen

Drawing of a dog in ballpoint penA commissioned drawing of a dog in watercolor and ballpoint pen

These two are drawings are what I’ve managed to produce since my last post! The first one if another one of my free pet sketches whereas the latter is a new commissioned drawing that I worked quite intensely on yesterday to get it ready to ship as soon as possible. The original photo had the dog wearing a bright red.. Dog jacket? (I’m not 100% on the terminology here) – that I decided not to include in the portrait. It also has the dog posing on the beach. I opted for a plain blue background to keep the focus on the dog. I hope you all like it!

You can see this drawing on my portfolio site here: Pet portrait commission of Baci the dog


Commissioned drawing of three cats in watercolor and ballpoint pen

Commissioned watercolor and ballpoint pen triple portrait of three cats

Commissioned watercolor and ballpoint pen triple portrait of three catsHere’s my most recent commissioned drawing of three cats. The owner wanted to get them all together in a painting as a keepsake, but since one of them has passed away, the composition had to be made out of individual photos.

Photo collage of three catsI’m fairly happy about the result, but I have yet to hear the owner’s opinion !

Come see this tripple-portrait of three cats on my portfolio site as well!

This was my 671th drawing since the 9th September 2014!