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Vincent’s chair ( Drawing 90 )

This is a chair, drawn after a Van Gogh Painting. His own chair apparently. He painted it on a happy painting-binge while he passed some time with Paul Gauguin whom Van Gogh’s brother,… Continue reading

Van Gogh horrible mistake ( Drawing 83 )

Sorry Van Gogh !.. Ouch, what’s wrong these days? I’ll do some better drawings very soon- I promise!

Boats after van gogh. Drawing 81

“Landing stage with boats” after Van Gogh.. drawn in the train from a book.

Skull after Van Gogh ( Drawing 48 )

Despite the multitude of good things to draw, it can be hard to chose – especially with limited time each morning. This time i went for another Van Gogh still-life. A skull. I… Continue reading

A pair of leather clogs – after Van Gogh ( Drawing 36 )

Yup – this is a drawing I copied from the impressionist superhero Vincent Van Gogh. I didn’t ask the artist’s permission for making this study, but i sincerely hope that he would be… Continue reading