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Textile – after photo by Tim Diggles ( Drawing 64 )

Not much to say about it – When i look at it from afar, it looks like textile, but closeups get confusing.

Coffee and mug – study of a photo by Tim Diggles

This is another photo by Tim Diggles that i just did. I was a bit tired coming back from my studies today, so i searched for something that wasn’t too complicated. I really… Continue reading

Key and lock – after a photo by Tim Diggles

Yep. It is what the title says.. This is from Tim Diggle’s “Flat Life” series. There’s a lot of really nice photoes there, so go have a look. This drawing was not too… Continue reading

Socks! Drawn after a photo by Tim Diggles

Since i’ve made my blog here on WordPress, I’ve been looking around to see what other people are doing. This is really a great resource! There are bunches of good refrences to draw… Continue reading