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Perspective in apartment #100

It’s the HOUNDRETH drawing that I’m posting here! It’s in A3 and took a couple of hours. Normally my drawings fit into a very small sketchbook (10X14cm)  – but today I wanted to… Continue reading

Weirdly-proportioned hand (96)

Strange how it can be difficult to choose something to draw, when at the same time each one of us constantly carry around a couple of these..

Bird-like object ( Drawing 89 )

Yesterday, bearspawprint requested that i did a drawing of a particular object in my perspective drawing from our kitchen – She called it a “bird like object” – and given that i am… Continue reading

Elephant 4. Elephants holdning.. Hands ( 58 )

Yesterday was really busy at school, so i only made one drawing in the morning – I don’t know if it’ll be like that today aswell, but I hope to get to draw… Continue reading

Elephant in ink, ( Drawing 57 )

An attept with an ink pen. As i have mentioned before I’m not very confident in using pens, or anything “permanent” for that matter – the reason is, that i tend to “search”… Continue reading

Self portrait 5… Is that really me? ( Drawing 55 )

Man… I think that the most difficult part of learning to draw your own self-portrait is to look at your creation afterwards.. This guy just seems to be suffering.. I think that maybe… Continue reading

Church window (54)

This is a photo i took of the church window in Århus the other day. In the drawing, the brick changed size several times, and the perspective in the window is a little… Continue reading

Study of lobster-drawing after Dindonism ( Drawing 50 )

I saw this lobster at Dindonism’s blog, and i really liked it. As i probably mentioned when i did my elephant, I have a lot of problems with pens. When i draw with… Continue reading

Bell peppers #2 ( drawing 35 )

It feels like i’m getting somewhere! since this was a little later in the day, the light was rather strong, and therefore the shadows became harder. On the photo, there’s just a passing… Continue reading

Aquarel bell-peppers

So this is the first “real life” drawing that I have made (for my blog anyway). After getting some suggestions from Jack from davisbrotherlylove.wordpress.com and from Alison Warner i decided that it was… Continue reading