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Self portrait 6 ( Drawing 93 )

Yes it’s been a while.. It’s still after a phtoto – I’ll go on a hunt for a little mirror that i can put on my table, to draw from. As soon as… Continue reading

Self portrait 5… Is that really me? ( Drawing 55 )

Man… I think that the most difficult part of learning to draw your own self-portrait is to look at your creation afterwards.. This guy just seems to be suffering.. I think that maybe… Continue reading

Face sketches ( Drawing 46 )

I thought i would try to make another autoportrait, but after two attemps at a base sketch, i was still not very happy with it, so i went on to try and draw… Continue reading

Self-portrait #3. It’s getting better.

This is the third time i try do do a self-portrait from the same photo. There’s still some things going on with the proportions, and although i got some nice pointer from mir365,… Continue reading

Selfportrait #2

  Five days ago, i did a self-portrait that can be seen here It didn’t look a lot like me! – I got a comment from travelsopher who posted a video with some… Continue reading

Self portrait – This just might be my true self!

…. And then you might ask: But Thomas, who’s that drunken sailor next to your photo? And it might surprise you to hear, that two two images above – are of the same… Continue reading