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217 Portrait after Rodin – in ink

See the original here I like ink! I’m looking forward to getting into my new watercolour-sketchbook. It’s been a while since I’ve been playing with that. I’ve got some 10 pages left in… Continue reading

214 Portrait after Rodin

Original photo

180 Yet another portrait after a Rodin Sculpture

See the original here

177 Portrait after Rodin Sculpture

A little too malnourished maybe.. See the original here

176 Portrait after Rodin sculpture

See the original here I can’t help but think that something is completely wrong with the proportions here, but looking at the photo, it doesn’t seem that bad.. Exept for the hand maybe.

174 Mexican statue

Not a very good use of the paper – I ought to have thought about that !

173 Portrait after Michelangelo

Original here

172 Portrait after statue by Donatello

Original here So this is after a statue by the sculptor Donatello, and it depicts Maria Magdalene. I’m not so well read in christianism – Can someone inhere perhaps explain what the deal… Continue reading

167 Mexican statue – the old firegod

The image had the title “the old firegod” The head is too small (although it would seem otherwise) – but i decided not to redo the whole thing.. The finish ended up a… Continue reading

163 – another mexican mask

I managed to do another one today – I really like the symmetry / asymmetry thing going on.. now I have to get some sleep.