363 Portrait of Trương Tấn Sang

This is Trương Tấn Sang, the president og Vietnam He’s part of my “Rulers of the world” series – atleast I think that he is to be concidered as such. I can’t really figure out if the premier minister or the chief of the communist party “outranks” him – if someone has an opinion about, … Read more

362 Portrait of Mohammed Ali al-Houthi

This is Mohammed Ali al-Houthi the president of the provisional government of Yemen I don’t know anything about this man or about Yemen, but it would seem that the provisional government lacks support in most of the world. I don’t do these portraits out of admiration, but because they’re part of my “Rulers of the … Read more

360 Portrait of Abdel Fattah el-Sisi

This is Abdel Fattah el-Sisi the current president of Egypt I’m just going to throw it out there – as for all my portraits – painting a head of state of a given country does not mean that i like the guy, approve, or anything. For the most part, I don’t know enough for wanting … Read more

359 Portrait of Muhammad Fuad Masum

This is Muhammad Fuad Masum, the president of Iraq And let’s not forget that – Iraq has a real president, although the face of the murderous madman speading chaos in the reagion right now seems to appear a lot more often in the newspapers. original See the rest of my “Rulers of the World” series … Read more

356 Portrait of Luis Guillermo Solís

This is a portrait of Costa Rica‘s president Luis Guillermo Solís Thanks for Juan Roman for the suggestion! See the rest of my “Rulers of the World” series here And don’t forget to join in with your own drawings (daily or “almost-daily) on forum on reddit /r/onedrawingdaily original

354 Portrait of John Key

This is the prime minister of New Zealand, John Key looking as if his job is getting just a little bit too much right now. I don’t know about New Zealand politics, though. Maybe somebody can tell me. He’s part of my “Rulers of the World” series that you can see here    –   It’s … Read more