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217 Portrait after Rodin – in ink

See the original here I like ink! I’m looking forward to getting into my new watercolour-sketchbook. It’s been a while since I’ve been playing with that. I’ve got some 10 pages left in… Continue reading

214 Portrait after Rodin

Original photo

180 Yet another portrait after a Rodin Sculpture

See the original here

177 Portrait after Rodin Sculpture

A little too malnourished maybe.. See the original here

176 Portrait after Rodin sculpture

See the original here I can’t help but think that something is completely wrong with the proportions here, but looking at the photo, it doesn’t seem that bad.. Exept for the hand maybe.

165 Rodin frustrations

I was drawing this statue by Rodin – the contours were coming along, i did a little detailing with a hard pencil.. And then I realized how tired i was.. So i said… Continue reading

162 Portrait after Rodin

See the original here I think that my learning motto might develop into “quantity quantity quantity” – Maybe I’ll think of a better way to phrase it, but this is essentially my strategy… Continue reading

158 Another portrait after Rodin statue

Original here

156 Portrait after Rodin statue

Just a quick one.. Here‘s the original

152 Portrait after statue by Rodin

see the photo here (yeah i wish that i could have drawn it in front of the real thing, but you’re not always that lucky..) I didn’t spend a long time on this… Continue reading