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166 Portrait after Renoir

Original here Feeling lazy – But I’ll see if i can’t muster at least one more today! – And a little better too !

130-131 Two lightning quick Renoir studies

Originals here and here Maybe these are in fact too quickly done. I could imagine that it’d be a good excersice to often do these turbo-sketches in order to get better at capturing… Continue reading

127 Portrait after Renoir

A bit “high” after being happy with my last drawing a few minutes ago, I thought i would do another one – It wasn’t such a big sucess to put it mildly –… Continue reading

126 Portrait after Renoir

I did this really really fast – I have always admired those quick sketches that catch the essentials with very few lines. They’re rough, and it’s almost as if the artist just “attacked”… Continue reading