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147 Yet another portrait after Rembrandt

I’m not getting tired of Rembrandt’s portraits anytime soon. Here’s another one. Yesterday I was on my Friday nightshift and I’m so tired.. So I will not promise you anything further for today..… Continue reading

120 Rembrandt portrait – with a T-square!

I got my T-square out of from under the bed, and tried to do a quick portrait with it. I didn’t put in a lot of effort, but if i developed it a… Continue reading

114 Portrait after Rembrandt

Not a great succes..

112 portrait after Rembrandt

111 portrait after Rembrandt

110 portrait after Rembrandt

107 – Portrait after Rembrandt

My portraits is definetly not my best drawings – so i figure that i just have to do a lot of them. This one is after Rembrandt. I’ll be doing more….