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“Grotesque” from church in Prague ( Drawing 87 )

Detail from a gothic church in Prague.

Waiting in the airport. Drawing 80

We’re sitting half asleep waiting in the airport. It’s been a nice trip, although i haven’t drawn as much as i thought i would. All drawings i’ve done here have been really quick-… Continue reading

Must-sleep-now drawing. 79

Hotel room aarh

Jazz in prague. Drawings 76-78

I think that these drawings got some jazz in them

house in prague. Drawing 75

Quick sketch of house in prague.

Espresso in Prague. Drawing 74

A cup of espresso on our second day in prague. I haven’t been drawing as much as i had thought until now- we’ve been moving a lot without a lot of pauses. So… Continue reading

Man playing accordeon ( drawing 73 )

He kept moving. But it was sure nice to eat a pizza to this guys music! Thats all for today. Maybe tomorrow will be more productive.