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Sketch of a cat getting ready for christmas

Here’s a cat called Timmy Tomcat! See more of him here: http://timmytomcat.blogspot.com/2015/11/much-to-do-fur-christmas.html I enjoy making sketches for other bloggers out there, so if you’d like one, don’t hesitate to ask! 774

Sketch of a scary balloon artist

Can you hear the fairground-music playing? This is another Reddit gets drawn sketch – the request was entitled “My best friend is a balloon artist” – and the guy in the photo didn’t… Continue reading

Sketch of a happy Sheltie dog!

Here’s one of those Reddit gets drawn sketches of a Sheltie dog – A quite happy Sheltie dog, I might add! See the reference photo here I’ve drawn a few dogs already on… Continue reading

Pen sketch of Lexi the cat

This is a sketch of a cat called Lexi. You can read more about Lexi on the blog Dezizworld! I actually did another one for the same blog, but another cat a while… Continue reading

Sketch of a boy wearing a fedora hat

This is another sketch for redditgetsdrawn. – A boy standing in profile and wearing a fedora hat. I actually learned what that kind of hat was called quite recently, and am considering getting… Continue reading

Sketch of a strange looking dog

  A dog from Reddit gets drawn Looking a little odd. 759

Portrait in black

  Here’s someone from Reddit gets drawn who found a lizard and asked for a drawing with him and the lizard. I did not put a lot of focus on the lizard. 758

Sketch of a guy with a warm hat

This Reddit gets drawn user was gifted this rather fine hat by his mom. Keep your ears warm 757

Michael, Multiple

How many Michaels does it take to change a lightbulb? MultipleMichael More of the same 756

Sketch of a little girl in pen and watercolor

Another Reddit gets drawn sketch! – This time of a little girl. I didn’t quite capture the cute little expression. Babies are so much harder to draw than wrinkled old men! Come see… Continue reading