Drawing of a little cat called Stitch in ballpoint pen and India ink

This is a request I got from someone who’d like a drawing of her cat Stitch. For once it isn’t a blogger! One of the reasons I take requests is to get a little exposure and “publicity” online, but it can’t all be like that. This little one would have been difficult not to draw! … Read more

352 Portrait of Scott Ludlam

This is Scott Ludlam – a senator in Western Australia, and thus not a “head of state” – so i suppose that he doesn’t really qualify for my “Rulers of the World” series. But what are you going to do about it? I’m throwing him in as a bonus. See the original photo here

351 Portrait of Mark Rutte

This is Mark Rutte the prime minister of the Netherlands To be fair, I did most of the work yesterday evening, so it doesn’t 100% qualify for my daily drawing. I’ll try and squeeze another president or PM in later! Click here to see the original photo And please come see my growing collection of … Read more

335 Portrait of Baron Waqa

See the original here And the rest of my Rulers of the World series here Baron Waqa  is none other than the president of Nauru – the second smallest state in the world after the vatican city with 9300 residents. Come like my daily drawings on facebook, if you’re into that sort of thing 😉 … Read more

326 Portrait of David Cameron

after this photo This is the third one I’ve done today, and I dare say that it’s the best as well. The skin is made up of reds, yellow and brown. I tried blending them on the paper in stead of mixing the paints before applying them. I think it makes for a more interesting … Read more

321 Portrait of Martin Luther King

Here’s a link to the original photo I’m liking this concept of focusing on value, and then choosing whatever colors you want. I think this turned out really good. I tried working with very wet paper. Everybody says that that’s the real charm with watercolor, but i suppose I just never had the courage to … Read more