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271 Portrait of old man 2

I did another one, and this one I’m pretty happy about – if you’re unmotivated and unhappy about what you just did, do another one. These shall be my wise words of today.… Continue reading

267 Hands

Hands after photo – This photo The pants are not 100% pants-like, but the hands I’m quite happy about. What do you think? Critique and suggestions are welcome! See my other hands here… Continue reading

266 Hand

I’ve been painting a lot with my watercolours recently, and thought it would be nice to do a quick pencil drawing for a change. I didn’t imagine that watercolour paper would be so… Continue reading

262 Portrait of Sean Connery

After this photo here I did change the colour of his clothes, though. Sorry Sean.

261 Fish in hand

See the original photo here I’ve done a few hands already, but this one involved water and a fish as well – two things I haven’t done before. It would be nice to… Continue reading

256 Another Gorilla portrait

The original photo is here Apparently this guy got out of his cage and injured three people. What primitive behavior! I’ve got a tube of white goache to experiment with highlight.. Really just… Continue reading

254 Portrait of Gorilla

I borrowed this photo from “Paint my photo” user Angeline Rijkeboer See the original photo here

253 Hands

See the original here

241 Portrait of an orangutan

See the original photo here This guy just looks so friendly. I’m not 100% satisfied with the likeness, but when I think about how long I’ve been using watercolour, it’s actually pretty good.… Continue reading