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313 Hands

The original photo can be seen here It’s been a while since i did some hands in pencil so here’s one for you! I really liked the photo, and i think the drawing… Continue reading

307 Portrait

I did a horrendously bad portrait of my brother this morning, and even though he thought it looked all right, i still wanted to try and do it a little better. This is… Continue reading

303 Portrait

See original here I think that i could benefit a lot from letting each individual layer dry before continuing with the painting – right now, I’m finishing it all in one go, and… Continue reading

300 Baby portrait

This is my 300’th drawing since the 9th September 2014 ! And it’s the first baby I’ve ever drawn.. The real one is cuter – see him here It’s a little iritating that… Continue reading

293 Dog portrait

In ink and watercolour See the original here

288 Portrait

Original here New year? Who cares about new year! I’m doing watercolour! As you can see in the photo, the tom of his head is bathed in light, and not really visible.. I… Continue reading

287 Dog portrait

This is my third try for this dog. I think that this one is better, although I would have liked the fur to have a more dry and smooth texture. The nose seems… Continue reading

283 Winter dog portrait

This one turned out better! – I feared a little for the colour in the beginning, but i think that it works well even though the dark parts should have been a little… Continue reading

279 Portrait of dog

This is after a photo of my mom’s dog. The nose is too small and the ink took over at the top of the heard where the fur got a little too overwhelming.… Continue reading

277 Portrait

See the original here I think that I’ve shaken off my holiday stupor, and am pretty much back to speed. This portrait turned out really good in my mind – the background and… Continue reading