322 Portrait of Mohamed Boudiaf

Original here This one just isn’t very good. I think the colors are bad, the proportions of the face are off (Just keep shuffling around the eyes in portraits) and there’s not enough variation in the tones.. I’ll do better tomorrow. I promise. Anyway – Boudiaf was the president of Algeria for a period, but … Read more

321 Portrait of Martin Luther King

Here’s a link to the original photo I’m liking this concept of focusing on value, and then choosing whatever colors you want. I think this turned out really good. I tried working with very wet paper. Everybody says that that’s the real charm with watercolor, but i suppose I just never had the courage to … Read more

145 Portrait of John Dramani Mahama, the president of Ghana

See the article of reference here and the original photo here The president underlines the importance of not only focusing on material facts concerning the spread of ebola. Instead of focusing on the amount of sick people, hospital beds, available docters, we need to approach it in a more human scale (my own words). I … Read more

128 Portrait of Lars Løkke Rasmussen

This is a Danish ex-premiere minister. Maybe the future minister aswell – he’ll be remembered for.. nothing much.. unless he gets Denmark involved in another war.. Now that would be something worth remembering.. Until that day, he’s only known for being the guy that drank a lot of tap-beer paid by the tax-payer.. We don’t … Read more