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199 Hand

See the original here Please don’t hold your breaths for drawing #200 – I may not have the time for a “big” drawing this evening or tomorrow morning. So it could be that… Continue reading

198 Another portrait of Thelonnious Monk

See the original here

197 Portrait of Miles Davis

See th original here This portrait ended up pretty jazzy – Maybe I got a little carried away. I think it’s really fun to start a drawing with a really fuzzy approximation with… Continue reading

196 Portrait of John Coltrane

Here‘s the original I thought I’d try repeating the succes with my Thelonius Monk sketch yesterday, by doing another jazz-hero. It’s not quite as good, but I’m not complaining !

195 Portrait of Thelonius Monk

See the original here

194 Portrait of Jack Nicholson

See the original here It doesn’t look that much like Nicholson – maybe some facial features are slightly out of proportion. Two steps forward, one step back !

193 Portrait of David Lynch

See the original here I think I’m making great progres with my portraits! So I’m padding myself on the shoulder a bit. Are you guys realizing that I’ll soon be drawing my drawing… Continue reading

2. Portrait of Sandra Bullock (192)

Originally posted on Janus Portraits:
See the original photo here

191 Portrait of Steven Van Zandt

See the original here Back from the night shift in my usual zombie-like state. I read an article in the newspaper during the night, about Steven Van Zandt, whom i know from Sopranos… Continue reading

1. Portrait of Will Smith (190)

Originally posted on Janus Portraits:
See the original photo here