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216 Hands – pencil and ink

See the original here The pencil drawing didn’t turn out as well as i would have liked, so i thought why not play around a little with some ink. I think that the… Continue reading

214 Portrait after Rodin

Original photo

213 Step into the portal

من هو كريس جينسين؟ multiplemichael

212 interior perspective after Sverre Fehn

This is a “quick” perspective drawing after the renovation of “Hamer” castle in Norway by the architect Sverre Fehn. I didn’t want to spend hours on this one, so i tried to do… Continue reading

210 quick hand

See the original photo here See more hands here

205 Hands

They’re out of poroportion. Thumbs too small. Here‘s the original

204 Hand and cigarette

The original photo is here

203 Hand and glass

Se the original here Although the original has a lot of contrast, it doesn’t have a lot of shadows – it could have been nicer with another lightsource.. And by the way –… Continue reading

202 hands

See the original here And more hands hands hands

3 Portrait of Heath Ledger (200)

Originally posted on Janus Portraits:
See the original here