Another lounging dog – in pencil

thomas-dalsgaard-clausen-2015-11-24a sketch of a lounging dog in pencil

All the pets I draw these days tend to hang around in very comfortable poses and positions. Here’s a drawing of a Labrador retriever looking like he’s considering something important. Or very deep. Or food related.

A few months ago, I remember thinking that I’ve somehow made a breakthrough in regards to composition and disposition of the paper. Well, I was wrong. These days, for some reason, I seem to constantly need to correct a jaw, make a nose smaller or cut off ears in order to make my sketch fit on the paper. As you see in this one, I’ve got plenty of space above the pup’s head, but the chin seems to be a little compact (and it is – the photo is not like that!).. I suppose I better start planning out my drawings a little better from the beginning.

This one was another free drawing request


A sketch of a cat in oil pastels

oil pastel sketch of a cat

I did this sketch upon a request from @WitchetyMog on twitter. Mostly, my drawings are in pen, but I’ve got a few different art materials laying around that I don’t have the slightest idea how to use. So this one is in oil pastels! – with a little graphite thrown in. Oil pastels (and dry pastels too really) are really difficult to control in my world. In fact, you need to use special paper, and probably draw much bigger than my usual 4×6 inches – oh and then there are techniques. I just have fun with it. I’ve seen people do amazing things with pastels – and even the so-called “photo realistic” drawings, which seems like quite a feat. It’ll never be my goal, though, I’ve got a camera that can make photo-realistic paintings in 1/40th of a second. If I were do draw in pastels more often, I’d probably use it to make something more expressive (or let’s say messy!).


An update of 9 Sketches

Drawing of a cat in pen

Sketch of a cat beneath blanket in penThis cat is called Dawn. Dawn can be found over at the blog called “Life with dog and cats”. When Dawn’s owner saw the sketch I did, she published a blog post about it, that you should go see here: Cat Art: Portrait of a Cat Called Dawn, by Thomas Clausen

Sketch of a piece of cakePiece of cake!

Sketch of a cat called Zee in penHere’s a cat called Zee who can be found at the blog “The Chronicles of Zee and Zoey”

Sketch of a dog in penA dog requested by a facebook user!

Sketch of a cat in penThis is a cat for a Twitter user.

Sketch of a dog in pencilThis is a pencil sketch I did of a hunting dog called Thunder who lives over at “Two Brown Dawgs” – The left eye is perhaps a little off, but that’s how it go when you draw too quickly. I do enjoy to sketch in pencil though!

Drawing of a cat in penThis is a cat called Cody! I did one of Cody 6 months ago, but without too much success, so I promised Cody’s owner (from the blog “Cat Chat with Caren and Cody”) that I would do another one – so here it is – six months overdue! But better than the last one.

Sketch of a cat in penAnd this is one I did for the editor of “Old Tat Mag” – A British fashion magazine who’s got a feature out about cats! I’m too late to get in their printed version, but I think there’ll be a blog-post about my cat art endeavor! one of these days.

Drawing of a cat in penAnd for the last one..  Well this one is slightly out of the chronology, but I didn’t write a date on it, so I’m not quite sure where it fits in. I’m working on a commission for someone, but I’m tossing this one. It didn’t turn out good enough for me to ask money for it, so I’ll give it another go with another photo.

That’s all for now!

704th-712th sketches since the 9th September 2014

22 Sketches from the last three days

Drawing of a brother and sister in ballpoint pen

Drawing of a dog in ballpoint penDrawing of a cat and a sheep in pencilDrawing of a dog in ballpoint penDrawing of a dog in ballpoint penSketch of a happy guy in ballpoint penPencil portrait of a young manSketch of a laughing man and his cat in ballpoint penPortrait of a guy making a grimace in ballpoint penDrawing of a cat getting a treat in ballpoint penDrawing of a little boy with a camera in ballpoint pendouble portrait of a father and son in scottish mountains in ballpoint penSketch of a bearded man being choked in ink markerDrawing of a brother and sister in ballpoint penDrawing of a man in cowboy hat in the dessert in ballpoint penDrawing of a little boy bathed in sunlight in ballpoint penSketch of a little boy in ballpoint penDrawing of a bearded guy wearing a viking hat in ballpoint pen and india inkDrawing of a bearded man in ballpoint pendrawing of a great grandmother and grandchild in ballpoint penDrawing of a little girl in ballpoint penDrawing of a cat called George in ballpoint penDrawing of a couple in Prague in ballpoint penOh my.. You must think that I have gone completely bonkers and / or bananas!
Indeed, I have. These recent days I’ve made tons of these quick little sketches, and I’m really enjoying myself, although they do seem to take up a rather big part of my time available. Now that I think of it – these 22 sketches – If they’re about 25 minutes each represent.. 5,5 hours of drawing.. Hmm.. I suppose that’s actually kind of quick for so many sketches, but it’s also time that I ought probably have spent differently thinking about my tight schedule. Okay, let’s forget about that 😉

Anyway – If I start doing this amount of sketches, I’ll need to post them much more frequently. I don’t have near enough time to talk to you about each one in particular, and the time spent on editing, scanning and posting also becomes a bit too much all at once! That being said, it’s really been fun. Most of these sketches are from requests at “Reddit Gets Drawn” where users basically post their photos for a a lot of bored artists to draw! It’s really fun to look at the different kinds of artwork too. Some are really professional whilst others are really fun and all about “learning”. There’s a lot of experimentation going on too, so if you’re into drawing, go there, and try for yourself !

I try whenever I speak about my drawings online to also include a link to my new “Portfolio of pet pictures, and cat and dog drawings” – And that, I just did! Please go there if you want to see some of my more “finished” pet portraits. They’re mostly in watercolor and ballpoint pen. And if you’re a blogger of art or pets, It would be a real help to get one of those hyper-links from you.

That’s all for now. Have a great Thursday!

Oh, and I mustn’t forget to keep the count! These were my 638th-659th drawings since the 9th September 2014.

Drawing commission of three cats in ballpoint pen

Commissioned drawing of three cats in pencil

Hi everyone! I’m happy to say that I just finished another commission! I’m really happy about this one. It’s on A4 sized watercolor-paper and it is done in pencil. I’m shipping this one to England tomorrow. It’s been a while since i did a pencil drawing, and especially something in this size. The three cats … Read more

Drawing of Texas the cat in charcoal and ballpoint pen – oh and it’s #500 !

Here’s a drawing of a cat called Texas. This is another facebook request. This is my 500’th drawing since the 9th September 2014 ! That’s a lot of drawings! Number I did my 100’th, 200’th and 300’th drawings on much bigger paper and with much more effort put it, but these day’s I just don’t … Read more

Drawing of Casper the cat in pencil. How do you like this one? – Click to compare with photo

Drawing in pencil of a cat called Casper

Hi again! I managed to squeeze in a little time for another drawing today. This one is another facebook request – The cat is called Casper, and you can see the photo that I used here: Photo of Casper the cat That was my 499th drawing since the 9th September 2014! Tomorrow I’ll do number … Read more

Drawing of a cat called BearBear in pencil. What would you suggest for improving this?

Hi everyone. Today’s drawing is yet another facebook request – this cat is called BearBear (or maybe he’s called Bear and the owner wrote the name two times by mistake?) BearBear is not with us anymore, but lived to be 20 years old! I’m not sure what I think of this drawing. I decided to … Read more

Ozzy the Chihuahua dog. Drawing in pencil

Here’s a Chihuahua called Ozzy for you. Each time I write “Chihuahua” it’s actually a copy/paste from somewhere else. I’d like to improve my English, but learning to spell “Chihuahua” is just a little too ambitious for me. I’m not even going to try. (Ok, I know that it’s not even of English origin) This … Read more