Sketch of a moka pot

Moka maker sketch

Moka maker sketch

Three months have passed since my last “daily” drawing! This one is a little sloppy when it comes to proportion and composition, but at least  it’s a sketch 😉

I just wanted to make a quick shoutout about my new blog called My Love of Mornings

It’s brand new, so you still won’t find tons of articles there yet, but the theme is “what I do when I get up early in the morning”. It will feature posts about language learning, drawing, art, architecture and philosophy or thoughts and ideas that I get in the morning. The morning is the best time of the day in my mind.

Anyway, I hope that this new blog can be an excuse to draw a few illustrations now and then. I don’t think that the coffee pot above is good enough, but we’ll see!


Back from the dead? A fruit-bat-dog!


Friends! It’s been one thousand years since you last heard from me, and I am sorry!

I’ve been up to a lot of strange things – nourishing my second hobby, which is learning languages (I’m working hard at moving forward with Arabic!) – working my slightly unsatisfying and out-of-my-field job making kitchen counter-tops – eating pizza and feeling bad about not drawing!

I’ve been drawing so little that I had a hard time finding a pen that wasn’t dried out for this one!

This little guy is called Timber. The owners call him a fruit-bat. I call him first drawing in months, and here’s to getting back in gear (I hope I’m not jinxing it now!)

I’d also be happy to do some of those drawings for money that I do. Or I’ll never be able to afford that trip to Greece!




Little cat in profile

thomas-dalsgaard-clausen-2015-12-03e sketch of a cat in pen

This little cat, called Percy is part of the blog “Jans Funny Farm

I was asked by the blogger over there to make a sketch of one of the several cats and dogs that are represented on the blog, and I pricked this one.

If there are any other bloggers out there who would like me to do a sketch for them, let me know !

This was my 777th sketch since September 9th 2014

Two not very good attempts at sketching a dog

thomas-dalsgaard-clausen-2015-12-03c sketch of a dog in pen

thomas-dalsgaard-clausen-2015-12-03d sketch of a dog in pen

This dog, who’s called Dennis and who has his own blog at just does not want to be drawn! Or maybe he does, and it’s just me who can’t seem to make it work. I gave it two tries, and the sketches ended up out of proportion and also.. bizarrely human (?) both times. I think that it’s starting to dawn on me, that if something doesn’t work the first time, a second try rarely makes it any better.

Well maybe three is the charm?


Sketch of a cat called Graphite. In pen.

thomas-dalsgaard-clausen-2015-12-02a sketch of a cat called graphite in pen

This cat is called Graphite. One might think that it would be obvious to draw this one in.. your know – graphite – but I did it in pen.

I originally got this request back in April, but never got around to making the sketch, so when the person behind the request asked weather Graphite could be put back into the mix, I happily did so. The poor cat had to wait 10 months!

Today is one of those gray winter-days where the sun comes up just before it goes down, and I tend to be really tired all the time at this time of the year. This must be part of the reason that Graphite ended up a little out of proportion. Maybe I’ll try again in another 10 months..

You can read more about Graphite at


Sketch of a scary balloon artist

thomas-dalsgaard-clausen-2015-12-01c sketch of a balloon artist in pen.jpg

Can you hear the fairground-music playing?

This is another Reddit gets drawn sketch – the request was entitled “My best friend is a balloon artist” – and the guy in the photo didn’t look nearly as scary as this drawing does. See the reference photo here

Hope he’ll forgive me!

And this was my 771th drawing since the 9th September 2014!


Sketch of a happy Sheltie dog!

thomas-dalsgaard-clausen-2015-12-01b sketch of a happy sheltie dog in pen

Here’s one of those Reddit gets drawn sketches of a Sheltie dog – A quite happy Sheltie dog, I might add!

See the reference photo here

I’ve drawn a few dogs already on my pet art portfolio – but no Shelties yet! I hope to get to make a commissioned portrait of a handsome dog like this at some point.

And this was my 770th drawing since the 9th September 2014!