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257 Eyes and nose excercise with pastels

I found this portrait class here where “students” are asked to use dry pastels. In the first lesson you do eyes and the nose. I went out and bought myself five dry-pastels in… Continue reading

201 Self portrait #22 in pastels

Instead of the 200th, i give you the 201st drawing ! It’s a self-portrait drawn on a A3 sized paper before a mirror – with colour-pastels! These were requests that i got from┬áH… Continue reading

165 Rodin frustrations

I was drawing this statue by Rodin – the contours were coming along, i did a little detailing with a hard pencil.. And then I realized how tired i was.. So i said… Continue reading

Cityscape #3 Dry pastels ( Drawing 66 )

I would have liked to change the tree in the foreground. This is my third attempt at capturing the essentials of a cityscape. It’s impossible to be precise with these things – especially… Continue reading

Dry pastels in the morning ( Drawing 43 )

I thought it went quite well while i was playing with the pastels, but looking at Degas’ original and my drawing site by site sort of makes me smile.. Degas’ drawing (painting? What… Continue reading