Landscape in Bhutan

thomas-dalsgaard-clausen-2015-11-30a landscape in bhutan pen and watercolor

This is all I got around to doing yesterday. A landscape scene in Bhutan, that I found through “random street view” – I’m not that strong in landscapes and it’s something I’d like to improve, so this site might be a way to quickly finding some more or less useful scenes.

I think that this one could have been a little better with more detailing in the foreground. But how do you actually draw trees and shrubs?



Three drawings from the last couple of days

Drawing of a cat in pen

Drawing of a cat in penThis is a sketch I did for someone called Taryn – I like how it turned out with the eyes, and I threw in that black outline that I’ve done a few times recently. I can’t decide if it’s good or bad though – I suppose it depends weather the drawing aim to be realist or not.

Drawing of a cat in penHere’s one that probably lacked a little effort. I think i finished it too quickly, and I didn’t put enough effort into measuring out the sheet of paper beforehand.

Painting of a tabby cat in watercolor and penAnd lastly – this is a portrait that I just finished for the winner of my recent pet portrait giveaway

The cat in the picture is called Cuzz-Wuzz, and her “mom” is a cat-blogger over at

You can read more about this cat portrait at my pet-portrait site


Commissioned drawing of two cats in ballpoint pen and watercolor

Commissioned drawing of two cats in ballpoint pen and watercolor

This is another commissioned cat-portrait that I’ve been working on yesterday and today. It’s in ballpoint pen with added watercolor, and I think it turned out quite all right. I drew this one from a mix of multiple photos – I wasn’t sure that it would turn out great to cut and paste that way … Read more

Drawing of a hamster in ballpoint pen and watercolor. For some reason it’s pink.

Another facebook request This is a (indulged) hamster from the blog Indulged Furries – The owner entered into my daily-drawing-draw on facebook by liking my facebook page and sharing my pet drawing offer (fireworks and flashes!) on her facebook wall. – I pick one entry at random every day (or whenever I can) It turned … Read more

Two commissioned portraits of Toke Talagi in watercolor

Hi everyone. For once, this isn’t a cat drawing! Almost three months ago, I did a watercolor portrait of Toke Talagi, the premier of the little island state Niue, far, far to the east of New Zealand. It’s among the smallest “countries” of the world with 1500 inhabitants. Some time after that, I got an … Read more

Get a free drawing of your pet!

Would you like me to make a drawing of your pet dinosaur, cat, wolf, dog, goat, rabbit or kangaroo? Like OneDrawingDaily on Facebook OR TWITTER or INSTAGRAM, and let me know about it (don’t forget to send me a link to your best photo of your pet) – Then I just might do it! I … Read more

Drawing of a cat called Zoey in ballpoint pen and watercolor

This is Zoey the cat from A blog about.. Cats! On an island! Go read it! And thanks to the for the request! I didn’t feel 100% “in the zone” for this one. When I keep thinking about what I ought be doing, some of the stress tends to shine through in the … Read more

Painting of Waffles the singing cat in watercolor and ballpoint pen.

Here’s a cat that Glogirly requested. He’s called Waffles, and i hear that he likes to eat chicken. (And to sing) I got a commentary from someone who thought that by ballpoint-pen drawings could look nice if I added some watercolor. Little did he know that I’ve already done quite a few drawings with that … Read more

Mountain scene in Bhutan. Drawing in ballpoint pen and India ink based on scene from Google Streetview.

Yesterday, one of my followers on the tumblr-version of onedrawingdaily (his username is Emkinkade) suggested that i might try and mix the “line tools” like ballpoint pen with a liquid tool (I’ve got a bottle of india ink). I tried it on this Bhutanese landscape. I think it looks better the farther away you get … Read more

Watercolor painting of a landscape in Bhutan from google streetview

This month in the virtual paintout is in Bhutan. I picked this view from streetview I actually wrote a couple of lines about how dissatisfied I were with this painting, but noone want’s to hear me whine about it, I suppose. While some things frustrate me, other parts is not half bad. I’m going to … Read more