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320 Portrait of Miles Davis

After this photo Yesterday I was watching this video by Stan Miller In his video he keeps saying that you shouldn’t focus on color, but on tone while doing watercolor. It doesn’t matter… Continue reading

318 Portrait of Tom Waits

Here’s the original I’m not fully sure what to say about this one – I keep thinking that I’m not using my watercolors “right” – they’re way too precise, and it’s as if… Continue reading

268 Portrait of Paul Desmond

Pencil drawing after this photo: here

252 Portrait of Frank Zappa

See the original here They’re something strange going on with this portrait, and i can’t quite figure out what it is.. The eyes are strange, that’s for sure, but Zappas eyes ARE strange..… Continue reading

243 Portrait of Miles Davis

Original here I wish i could spend more time on this each day. I feel like one drawing or painting is just “warmup”.. They usually get better if i do a couple of… Continue reading

220 Musicians hand

See the original photo here