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256 Another Gorilla portrait

The original photo is here Apparently this guy got out of his cage and injured three people. What primitive behavior! I’ve got a tube of white goache to experiment with highlight.. Really just… Continue reading

255 Portrait of a gorilla

This is an unhappy looking gorilla.. I was kind of tired, and this painting shows it well. Not the biggest success to date. I’ll be back with something better tomorrow. See the original… Continue reading

254 Portrait of Gorilla

I borrowed this photo from “Paint my photo” user Angeline Rijkeboer See the original photo here

241 Portrait of an orangutan

See the original photo here This guy just looks so friendly. I’m not 100% satisfied with the likeness, but when I think about how long I’ve been using watercolour, it’s actually pretty good.… Continue reading

240 Portrait of a Chimpanse

Here‘s the original photo Slightly more difficult than the gorilla. I think that the next will be an orangutan. A friendly looking orangutan.

239 Portrait of a Gorilla

I found out that monkey is nos the appropriate terms – most of the tail-less big “monkeys” that remind us a bit of humans are “apes” And then is has something to do… Continue reading

238 Portrait of a Bonobo monkey

I did manage to do a drawing today! – It’s zombie Saturday – the day after my nightshift, and we’ve had some of my family over for dinner, so you’re getting it a… Continue reading