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151 Self-portrait #14

Realism is not the biggest quality of my self portraits, but they’re sure expressive. As usual critique is welcome Here‘s my other self portraits

148 Self-portrait #13

It’s better than the last one – the lighting is better represented. I do look somewhat.. whoolly though. Like those little furry guys from starwars. Maybe.. I just look like that. See my… Continue reading

146 Self-portrait #12 – and something about critique in art

Hmh.. I should not have added the dark background.. i should not have toned my face so much. Own own face remains the most difficult. I stumbled across this blogpost about critique and… Continue reading

142 Self-Portrait #11

Good morning. I look sleep deprived – and while I’m tired, please note that I am not THAT tired. I ought have toned the eyes equally.. But I didn’t! This is drawing #142..… Continue reading

139 Self-Portrait #10

I think it’s improving! This is the second last page in my sketchbook.. So naturally I’m going to do another one, so i can break in a new!

134 Self-portrait #9

132 Self-portrait #8 (And now done with a mirror!)

So i finally got myself a mirror! A tiny, little mirror, much to small for my big head – And moving it further away doesn’t work, not with these glasses! (I might try… Continue reading