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211 Self portrait #25

Another quick morning sketch – A selfportrait in ink. With another light setting. I need to draw a few more sketches in ink before i figure it out. See my other self portraits… Continue reading

209 Self-portrait #24

Yeah.. Well.. It¨s in ink you know.. I’m not angry. I really am not. See my other self portraits here

206 self portrait #23

188 Self-portrait #21

See my other self-portraits here

185 self-portrait #20

I just did one where i looked like a flounder . Naturally we can’t have that. So here’s one where i look as if i have a cold. I don’t have a cold,… Continue reading

184 Self Portrait # 19

You might ask “But, normally, with the human species, aren’t the eyes aligned horizontally?” The answer is no. No they’re not. See my other self-portraits here

181 Self-portrait #18

This is a quick self-portrait in charcoal I got a lot of suggestions after my last self-portrait yesterday – on of them was papict who suggested that i try charcoal. So here it… Continue reading

179 Self portrait #17

See my other self portraits here I think that this one is starting to look more like me. I’ll ask my wife and see if she agree’s It’s very light – i stopped… Continue reading

164 Self-Portrait #16

I decided to stop early.. This way it didn’t get as dark as the other ones. (I actually slightly modified the contrasts in photoshop.. it’s a little weak) I think it’s better when… Continue reading

160 Self-portrait #15

I did a thing with the mirror and got it a little closer.. It’s better, but the guy doesn’t look like someone I’d sit down beside in the train.. Here‘s my other self… Continue reading