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320 Portrait of Miles Davis

After this photo Yesterday I was watching this video by Stan Miller In his video he keeps saying that you shouldn’t focus on color, but on tone while doing watercolor. It doesn’t matter… Continue reading

249 Portrait of Miles Davis

See the original photo here I think that this is the best portrait I’ve done since Lars Von Trier – I wish that i could do more than one painting a day, but… Continue reading

243 Portrait of Miles Davis

Original here I wish i could spend more time on this each day. I feel like one drawing or painting is just “warmup”.. They usually get better if i do a couple of… Continue reading

231 Portrait of Miles Davis

The original photo is here I seem to have somehow altered the perspective. This looks more like a frontal view than the photo. Maybe the background should have been another colour, and the… Continue reading

197 Portrait of Miles Davis

See th original here This portrait ended up pretty jazzy – Maybe I got a little carried away. I think it’s really fun to start a drawing with a really fuzzy approximation with… Continue reading