Self portrait – This just might be my true self!

…. And then you might ask: But Thomas, who’s that drunken sailor next to your photo? And it might surprise you to hear, that two two images above – are of the same person – yours truly. Drawing perspectives are difficult – drawing portraits are extremely difficult!  But in all honesty – i enjoy portraits … Read more

Can Lis in the greenery

Here’s another drawing of Can Lis that i did yesterday. The photo i got off from This one didn’t take very long – obviously because the sorroundings of the house are very simple in detail. I often see drawings (especially of architecture representation) where bushes and trees are simply represented with a fuzzy contour, … Read more

Another day, another crappy drawing – this time with added crappy aquarel

Putting these two up side by side really makes you see some stuff.. The perspective is off, the shadows are bad and.. yeah.. As for the aquarel, this is a skill i’d really like to master at some point – but at my level, it’s much to ask. This photo i didn’t take myself. It … Read more

Mouse-steps into onedrawingdaily and is miss a day! – But here’s a quick one for yesterday!

Yeah, it’s pretty much in the title. Friday was a long day – i work a night shift on fridays and got home around 8’o clock in the morning – then i slept the whole day, and while in a zombie-like state whole of saturday, i comcpletely forgot about onedrawingdaily.. Just a few days into … Read more