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228 Watercolur leaf

This is a leaf that I’ve had lying around since there were still some leafs on the trees.. It’s gotten a little crisp since then. It doesnt’t look a lot like the “original”,… Continue reading

Leaf. Again. ( Drawing 51 )

I’m just about to having to run for the bus, but the aquarel had to dry! I’m going for my friday nightshift now, so this is the last one for today. A leaf.… Continue reading

A colourful leaf – ( drawings 44 and 45 )

I found this leaf today.. It’s really something.. My two drawings i’m not so happy about, though.. Ill be back tomorrow!

Two leafs ( Drawings 41 and 42 )

So I had a little hectic aquarel session after my Cezanne study this morning. I had to run for the train. Again. I think i ought to get some kind of control over… Continue reading

Another leaf ( Drawing 38 )

I got a comment on my last aquarel leaf by nexi about adding some darkness to make a more spacial effect, and i decided to immediatly try it. It took me a little… Continue reading

I went out an found myself a leaf ( Drawing 37 )

I suppose the title says it all – it was quite difficult. Comments and suggestions would be appreciated ! I hope to do another later in the day!