Sketch of a cat named Phoebe as tired as I am. Ballpoint pen.

Let me start apologizing to Phoebe the cat, who looks much less like me in reality. Thanks for the request, though! I studied until very late yesterday (this morning) and got up very early (the night) because I’ve got to do a presentation today. I couldn’t start the day without my ritual drawing though! This … Read more

Drawing of Houdini, the Yorkshire Terrier in ballpoint pen.

This unbelievable little thing is no stuffed animal – It’s Houdini – a ten-month old Yorkshire Terrier who lives Hotel Thompson with his friend Bacon. Read more about Houdini here. I think it turned out really well! I don’t normally give in to cute animal photo’s because I’m afraid to forget to eat or something … Read more

Yet another cat! “Purrince Siddhartha” in india ink and ballpoint pen

Here’s a drawing I did after getting a request from the owner over at the blog called Nylabluesmum  – thanks for the request 🙂 This one ended up a little sketchy and quite crazy looking. The cat in question is none other than the famous “Purrince Siddhartha”… I know of a Prince Siddhartha – famous … Read more

Lily Olivia the cat napping. Drawing in ballpoint pen

Here’s another cat! This one was requested by Janet from the “The cat on my head” blog! The cat’s called Lily Olivia and is taking a nap for the camera. It’s a nice photo, and I’m feeling quite good about the drawing too. There’s a little problem with the proportion of some of the features … Read more

Drawing of Flynn, the very lazy cat. Belly up, ballpoint pen, india ink

This is another request! The owner of Flynn the cat, from TwoDevonCats asked me to draw Flynn’s signature pose.. which apparently is this very garfield-like pose. Very nice. I somehow can relate to this cat. Here’s the blog post with the photo of Flynn the very relaxed cat Due to the perspective, the head gets … Read more

Mountain scene in Bhutan. Drawing in ballpoint pen and India ink based on scene from Google Streetview.

Yesterday, one of my followers on the tumblr-version of onedrawingdaily (his username is Emkinkade) suggested that i might try and mix the “line tools” like ballpoint pen with a liquid tool (I’ve got a bottle of india ink). I tried it on this Bhutanese landscape. I think it looks better the farther away you get … Read more