Father an daugther on the run!

thomas-dalsgaard-clausen-2015-11-27d sketch of a father and daughter in pen and ink

Here’s another reddit get drawn user asking for a drawing of this wonderful photo.

How could I not draw that!

I don’t know the first thing about parenting. (Haven’t got that far yet) – but it just seems to me that this guy is doing it right!

As for the sketch – It was really quick. I think I captured the dad’s expression even though it isn’t too precise, but the daughter seems pretty bored, which she isn’t in the photo. Sketching quickly is even harder when it’s this small!


A new sketch of Binky the cat in pen and ink

thomas-dalsgaard-clausen-2015-11-27c sketch of a cat in pen and ink

This is a sketch in pen and ink of a cat, that I think I’ve drawn once before, long ago! (I just confirmed – I did a drawing of Binky the cat in April) I saw some photo’s on the catowner’s blog (or does it actually belong to the cat?) – and decided to do another quick sketch. See the photo’s here.

Want to see more cats? Come see my portrait of Benji the cat  or this group portrait of three cats on my pet portrait page tclausen.net

Or just look a little around here on this blog, and you’ll find tons!

This was my 762th drawing since 9th Seeptember 2014.

Sketch of a kid who likes crabs in pena nd ink

thomas-dalsgaard-clausen-2015-11-27b sketch of a boy in pen and ink

A Reddit gets drawn sketch of a boy, who aparrently likes this brand of brightly packaged crabs. Sea-food is healthy, so I suppose it’s all good.

I went for pen and ink again – I think I went a little overboard with the ink in his face this time. I should have left it a little whiter at some places, but it can be hard to control with ink. Especially if you can’t bother to slow down and do it properly!

It just dawned on me that I ought to show you the reference photos that I use from these RDG sketches, since they’re already online, so let me start to do that from now on. Here this one

This was my 761’th sketch since 9th September 2014.

Sketch of Vladimir Putin seeming less than amused

thomas-dalsgaard-clausen-2015-11-25a portrait of vladimir putin in pen

I did my angry Erdogan sketch earlier, so here’s Putin. You could argue that there’s something uniquely fitting about his facial expression. But then again – this is just how he always looks. His eyes got a little wobbly. I can’t seem to draw portraits with aligned eyes – at all. On my previous baby portrait, Laura commented that she thought it looked cute. I’m not 100% sure that the same goes for Putin, but I’ll let you judge that one.

Putin is next in line for my “Rulers of the world” project where I will eventually draw every head-of-state in the world.


Lounging cat sketch

thomas-dalsgaard-clausen-2015-11-19a sketch of a lounging cat

This is a cat named Niko requested by @vickisarris on twitter

Don’t forget that you can request a free sketch of your pet if you want!

I’ve been neglecting this blog for a long time. I call it One drawing daily, but sometimes it’s been one drawing every four days or something like that. The reason is that I’ve been really busy with my studies. The good news is that I just presented my thesis-project today, and that I passed the thing! That means that I now go from being a stressed out student to being a lazy couch-potato! I’ve really been looking forward to this, and I plan on making it an occasion to get back to being more regular with this blog, experimenting a little more with my drawings, and having fun! I also hope to be able to scale up the whole pet-portraits on commission deal, all the while having time to also make drawings not of cats and dogs. (Oh, and then I ought to go look for a job too, I suppose?)

Thanks to everyone who’s still sticking around after months of inactivity on this site as well as all of those “bulk” posts. I’m going to try and make more of an effort out of it now!

This was my 736’th drawing since September 2014!

Five drawings – After a few slow days

Drawing of a dog in pen

Drawing of a dog in penA quick dog sketch that I actually think turned out quite ok.

Drawing of a dog in penThis one went  a little bezerk, but I still think it has some of the atmosphere of the reference photo

Drawing of a dog in penI’m not really happy about this one – bad spacing on the page, and the wild sketchyness made for a bad drawing rather than giving it that “feel”.. There’s always tomorrow!

Drawing of a dog in penI’m more happy about this one !

Commissioned drawing of two cats in watercolor and penAnd then the last one – a commission drawing of two cats!

These were my 720th-724th drawings since the 9th September 2014

7 drawings – one of them a commission

Commissioned drawing of a dog in ballpoint pen

Drawing of a cat in ballpoint penDrawing of a cat in ballpoint penDrawing of a dog in ballpoint penDrawing of a cat in ink markerDrawing of a dog in ink marker and ballpoint penDrawing of a little refugee boy crying in ballpoint penCommissioned drawing of a dog in ballpoint penHere’s me again with 7 fresh drawings. I’ve now made 622 drawings since the 9th September 2014 – That’s almost two a day for a year. The last few months have been a bit slower, though. Mainly because I’ve been drawing most days and not every day. That’ll change at some point. I keep saying that, but it’s not going to be for another couple of months.

Anyway – the last one of the drawings you see there, is a commissioned drawing – one of a total of four, that I hope to ship to the USA next week. I’m trying to plan ahead with my pet-commissions, so if you know someone who’d like to get a portrait of their pet, I’d be really happy if you’d show them my portfolio of commissioned cat and dog portraits.

I’m as busy as ever with my studies. I really miss sitting down to make a drawing of whatever i feel like, but the pet portraits is sort of developing into a “thing” now. I’m actually quite happy with the way things are, because it allows me to sit and draw cats and dogs while I’m downscaling my horribly disagreeable Friday night shift slave-work – So I’m not complaining, but I look forward to be able to get back to experimenting some more with drawing while still keeping up with the pet-portraits at some point.

Come see the commissioned drawing with the other dog drawing at tclausen.net


Drawing of a happy goat called Abby Goat – in ballpoint pen

This is a drawing of a happy goat called Abby Goat! – Other than being a happy goat, she’s also a very beautiful goat in my opinion! Look at that friendly face! This drawing was requested by Patty Woodland who blogs at Broken Teepee – thanks for the request – I hope you like the … Read more