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Father an daugther on the run!

Here’s another reddit get drawn user asking for a drawing of this wonderful photo. How could I not draw that! I don’t know the first thing about parenting. (Haven’t got that far yet)… Continue reading

A new sketch of Binky the cat in pen and ink

This is a sketch in pen and ink of a cat, that I think I’ve drawn once before, long ago! (I just confirmed – I did a drawing of Binky the cat in… Continue reading

Sketch of a kid who likes crabs in pena nd ink

A Reddit gets drawn sketch of a boy, who aparrently likes this brand of brightly packaged crabs. Sea-food is healthy, so I suppose it’s all good. I went for pen and ink again… Continue reading

Quick cat sketch in pen and ink

  Here’s a cat from Reddit gets drawn – quickly drawn in pen and with added ink on top. For a really quick sketch like that, I sort of like it ! 760

Sketch of Vladimir Putin seeming less than amused

I did my angry Erdogan sketch earlier, so here’s Putin. You could argue that there’s something uniquely fitting about his facial expression. But then again – this is just how he always looks.… Continue reading

Lounging cat sketch

This is a cat named Niko requested by @vickisarris on twitter Don’t forget that you can request a free sketch of your pet if you want! I’ve been neglecting this blog for a… Continue reading

Five drawings – After a few slow days

A quick dog sketch that I actually think turned out quite ok. This one went  a little bezerk, but I still think it has some of the atmosphere of the reference photo I’m… Continue reading

7 drawings – one of them a commission

Here’s me again with 7 fresh drawings. I’ve now made 622 drawings since the 9th September 2014 – That’s almost two a day for a year. The last few months have been a… Continue reading

Sketch of a cat called Cody in ballpoint pen

Here’s the photo of Cody that I used. Cody hangs out over at “Cat Chat with Caren and Cody” – Caren is also the owner of Dakota the Sheepdog that I drew a… Continue reading

Drawing of a happy goat called Abby Goat – in ballpoint pen

This is a drawing of a happy goat called Abby Goat! – Other than being a happy goat, she’s also a very beautiful goat in my opinion! Look at that friendly face! This… Continue reading