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Drawing of a hand in ink, ink and ink

Here’s my 623’th drawing since the 9th September 2014. It’s my hand. I’ve drawn my hand tons of times since i started drawing every day, but recently, it’s all been about cats and… Continue reading

Three new drawing in three different mediums

These are my 599th-601th drawings since the 9th September 2014. One in ballpoint pen (that’s Gene Simmons with his dog.. Hoping he might want to tweet about my drawing ;)) One in pencil… Continue reading

A drawing of two cats called Oliver and Calvin

Hi everyone. These two cats are called Oliver and Calvin. Their owner entered into my “daily drawing facebook draw” (still looking for a good name for it) – and today I picked them… Continue reading

Cat-drawing from facebook request

Back to drawing requests! This is a request I got from someone who has shared my facebook pet-drawing offer! Nothing has happened for a little while now because I’ve been traveling, but the… Continue reading

A drawing of Quirky the blind kitten in india ink and ballpoint pen

Hi everyone! This is another request from facebook by Quirky the blind kitten. Quirky is a blind rescue cat who shares his everyday adventures on facebook. I chose Quirky’s request at random by… Continue reading

A cat called Savannah. Sketch in ballpoint pen and India ink

Hi! I’m still way more tired than what is advisable for a normal human, but I figured that I might as well stay up until the evening and sleep in the night like… Continue reading

Drawing of a cat called Trinny in ballpoint pen and India ink

Here’s a cat called Trinny. Her owner requested a drawing via Facebook, and I picked her photo randomly out of the queue.. (with a randomness generator at random.com !) She was really fun… Continue reading

Get a free drawing of your pet!

Would you like me to make a drawing of your pet dinosaur, cat, wolf, dog, goat, rabbit or kangaroo? Like OneDrawingDaily on Facebook OR TWITTER or INSTAGRAM, and let me know about it… Continue reading

Drawing of a little cat called Stitch in ballpoint pen and India ink

This is a request I got from someone who’d like a drawing of her cat Stitch. For once it isn’t a blogger! One of the reasons I take requests is to get a… Continue reading

Drawing of Merlin – the 20 year-old siamese cat in ballpoint pen and india ink

This is a request that I got from Layla from Catwisdom101. The cat is called Merlin and is 20 years old! The reference photo of Merlin is here. I did this one in… Continue reading