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Sketch of a scary balloon artist

Can you hear the fairground-music playing? This is another Reddit gets drawn sketch – the request was entitled “My best friend is a balloon artist” – and the guy in the photo didn’t… Continue reading

Sketch of a boy wearing a fedora hat

This is another sketch for redditgetsdrawn. – A boy standing in profile and wearing a fedora hat. I actually learned what that kind of hat was called quite recently, and am considering getting… Continue reading

Sketch of a guy with a warm hat

This Reddit gets drawn user was gifted this rather fine hat by his mom. Keep your ears warm 757

243 Portrait of Miles Davis

Original here I wish i could spend more time on this each day. I feel like one drawing or painting is just “warmup”.. They usually get better if i do a couple of… Continue reading

108 Portrait after Degas

I could have used the papersize better. I really like Degas’ use of pastels – I do have a set lying around, but I find it really hard to be precise with them.… Continue reading