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155 more hands

Hands again. See original here I’m still first on the beginning pages of this sketchbook, but i bought a new one.. With watercolour paper.. So I’m a bit in a hurry to finish… Continue reading

150 Hands again

Hands in a crazy pose.. I almost broke my pencil.. Ok, I didn’t almost break it. I’ve done a lot of hands recently, so it’s almost becoming a series.. If you want to… Continue reading

144 my hand

A quick drawing to shake off all that stiffness of the perspective i just did.

138 Hands after photo by Kendrick Brinson

Sometimes it goes better than other times. Here‘s the original

133 Another set of folded hands after photo by emiliano beltrani

Hands are hard – especially when they do this weird stuff. I’m going to do a lot of hands from photos for a while to better understand them. Then I’ll gradually “zoom out”… Continue reading

129 Folded hands – After photo by Emmanuel Orain

Hands are really complicated  Рi think that i will try doing a series of different hand-poses to get a little better.

Closed hand. 98

I’ve got some internet-problems, so here you have my morning drawing from my phone.

Baby-foot in hand. (97)

I just did a drawing of my hand, and thought that I’d do one of a foot – upon a google image search for feet (I’m not so much for holding my own… Continue reading

Weirdly-proportioned hand (96)

Strange how it can be difficult to choose something to draw, when at the same time each one of us constantly carry around a couple of these..