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253 Hands

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227 my hand in watercolour

I don’t know much about colours, but approaching this one, i thought that i saw some red and some green in my hand. These two tints are ofcourse very sutle on a base… Continue reading

220 Musicians hand

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218 Hand

Original here See more hands here Saturdays i spend recuperating after Friday’s nightshift. One drawing done – maybe more to come – but I don’t know.

216 Hands – pencil and ink

See the original here The pencil drawing didn’t turn out as well as i would have liked, so i thought why not play around a little with some ink. I think that the… Continue reading

210 quick hand

See the original photo here See more hands here

208 Hand. Or is it mountains?

Hehe.. The last one turned out pretty good, so i supposed i got a little too couragous, and went all loose and artsy with the ink – to draw my own hand from… Continue reading

207 first time inker, long time wanting-to-inker, (hand)

See the original here analogrevolutionart suggested that i might start to get into other medium – she mentioned india-ink. I have long admired ink drawings, but have never gotten as far as to… Continue reading

205 Hands

They’re out of poroportion. Thumbs too small. Here‘s the original

204 Hand and cigarette

The original photo is here