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313 Hands

The original photo can be seen here It’s been a while since i did some hands in pencil so here’s one for you! I really liked the photo, and i think the drawing… Continue reading

311 Hand and water droplets

It’s been a while since I did any hands. I think this turned out ok. The droplets could have been a little more visible, though Here‘s the photo

269 Self-portrait #32

I thought that I would show you one of my problems when doing self-portraits.. I have this little make-up mirror that i bought for almost nothing, but when buying it i didn’t think… Continue reading

267 Hands

Hands after photo – This photo The pants are not 100% pants-like, but the hands I’m quite happy about. What do you think? Critique and suggestions are welcome! See my other hands here… Continue reading

266 Hand

I’ve been painting a lot with my watercolours recently, and thought it would be nice to do a quick pencil drawing for a change. I didn’t imagine that watercolour paper would be so… Continue reading

265 Hand and cigarette

A hand and a cigarette. See the photo here And see the rest of my hands here

264 Fish in hand 2

I enjoyed yesterday’s fish, so i decided to do another one. There are loads of these types of photo’s online, so I do have some basis for more paintings like this. I think… Continue reading

261 Fish in hand

See the original photo here I’ve done a few hands already, but this one involved water and a fish as well – two things I haven’t done before. It would be nice to… Continue reading

259 Hand and foot

This is a hand and a foot that i painted from this photo The colours are not very good – it looks like a documentation for assurance money. I don’t know – skin… Continue reading

258 Hands

See the original here And see the rest of my hands here I wanted to do something on a bigger size paper, and have had a lot of success with hands recently. Ironically,… Continue reading