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Drawing of a hand in ink, ink and ink

Here’s my 623’th drawing since the 9th September 2014. It’s my hand. I’ve drawn my hand tons of times since i started drawing every day, but recently, it’s all been about cats and… Continue reading

A close-up drawing of my thumb! Ballpoint pen

Hi! Here’s a drawing from my night shift Friday! It is of my thumb. Not to worry, it is much smaller in reality. I wrote a blog entry a while back about hands.… Continue reading

Drawings and sketches done in Rome

Hi everyone! – I’m back from my trip to Rome. I thought that there would be Internet in the appartment, but it never got working in the week that I was there. I… Continue reading

Quick hand sketch from yesterday

Hi everyone. This was all I drew yesterday. Busy day! Quick sketch of my hand

Hand in ballpoint pen

Hi everyone! This is a rough sketch of my hand that I did yesterday evening while I was waiting to start my night shift. I’ve drawn a lot of hands before. Mostly in… Continue reading

Drawing of my hand in ballpoint pen

This is a drawing of my hand done in ballpoint pen. I think that the background took longer than the hand! Crazy isn’t it? This was my 421th drawing and the last page… Continue reading

400 (don’t get excited) Drawing of my hand with ballpoint pen

Yes, I know, I talked to you about my mirror, my blank sheet of watercolor paper and so forth, but something came up, and I did not have the time to do the… Continue reading

384 Another drawing of my hand in pen and watercolor

There has been a lot of hand drawings floating around on the reddit these last days, so I felt like drawing hands too. I did one yesterday, and then here’s another one. Don’t… Continue reading

383 Drawing of my hand

Here’s a quick and messy sketch of my hand. It’s pencil and some kind of charcoal.. (Sepia dark..? the pencil is brown, but it ends up almost black) Kirkistan among others suggested that… Continue reading

5 observations that I’ve made about hands, sausages and chicken thighs.

In my recent post “Six things i learned from drawing 319 drawings in 4 months and 13 days” I suggested that you draw your own hand. It’s been a couple of days now,… Continue reading