302 perspective from inside a city block

It got a little messy. This is the last one in that series, but I’ll probably be redoing some of them if i have the time – In any case i definitely need to do more perspectives, so i promise that you’ll see more of them. Today it’s 4 months since i started drawing every … Read more

297 perspective from inside a city block

Another perspective. I went out and bought a few brushes and some masking fluid today. I do think it had a positive effect on this painting. It seems that the amount of water and the thickness of the line is easier to control when you have real watercolor brushes to work with. For the moment … Read more

295 Street perspective

Ugg, why did it get so weak and gray and muddy? This in my second attempt at a street scene today.. I’ve done this one before – aswell as the one I posted earlier. It’s a little better, but it’s not hard to see that I’m neglecting my perspectives. I promise I’ll get better. See … Read more

294 Yet another street perspective

I seem to forget that I’m trying to  get better at my perspectives. I just really enjoy the portraits and everything else. But I still want to go somewhere with these quick watercolor city-sketches. I think that this one is better than the last two perspectives i did, but I need to practice if i … Read more

246 Serial vision in Mejlgade #1

So I’ve already been doing a series of perspectives in varying media – you can see them here These I’d like to use in my master thesis in architecture school – so I’m working on a good level of abstraction for describing these streets and urban environments. I don’t want to be too detailed – … Read more