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A long day and three mediocre drawings

Hi! Yesterday was my night shift day, and the morning after, we had stuff to do, so now after having slept early in the evening, I’m up late at night! What a mess!… Continue reading

Still life drawing of a banana and an apple

Yesterday was Friday. The day for my night shift at the warehouse. And this is yet another drawing of fruit that i did while killing time. I haven’t got a lot to say… Continue reading

Drawing of three bananas in ballpoint pen

Here’s some bananas I drew yesterday evening upon arriving for my night-shift. I didn’t eat them, though. They were a little too ripe for my taste.. I’m a bit childish that way.. But… Continue reading

Drawing of an orange in Ballpoint pen

This one I did in the early morning hours after the end of my night shift.. I always have an hour to kills while waiting for the buses to start running! It’s an… Continue reading

Still life of a pear, an apple and a banana in ballpoint pen

This one I did yesterday evening upon arriving at my Friday night-shift. They’re fruits. The apple and the banana were good – the pear tasted like water! 428

Drawing of an apple in ballpoint pen

This one I did really really early in the morning, waiting for the first buses start running. It’s an apple. 418

Brambles – after photo by Nexus (53)

I found this photo on nexi’s blog and thought, I’d try my hand on it.. Maybe i could have continued longer, and gotten the contrasts a little better down, but even with a… Continue reading

Bell peppers #2 ( drawing 35 )

It feels like i’m getting somewhere! since this was a little later in the day, the light was rather strong, and therefore the shadows became harder. On the photo, there’s just a passing… Continue reading

Aquarel bell-peppers

So this is the first “real life” drawing that I have made (for my blog anyway). After getting some suggestions from Jack from davisbrotherlylove.wordpress.com and from Alison Warner i decided that it was… Continue reading

Figg-leaf from Time Nexus

I found this figg-leaf on the Time Nexus foto blog. It reminded me of my visits to Algeria where these trees are everywere – with the sweetest, most delicious fruits just haning ripe… Continue reading