A cat called Frankie who doesn’t wan’t to come out from under the car. Drawing in ballpoint pen.

This is a request i got on from my facebook-drawing-draw – The requester is the blog and cat-owner from Bad Cat Chris – he also has a facebook page that you can follow. This cat, despite the name of the blog and the facebook page, is called Frankie, and in the reference photo, he’s in … Read more

Katie Isabella. Cat drawing in ballpoint pen.

This is Katie Isabella – A blogging cat for my cat-blog-queue. That’s the request list I had before I started the facebook thing. I suppose I’m keeping them both. This photo is based on a really nice photo. I thought that it was almost given that the drawing would turn out good when the photo … Read more

A drawing of Quirky the blind kitten in india ink and ballpoint pen

Hi everyone! This is another request from facebook by Quirky the blind kitten. Quirky is a blind rescue cat who shares his everyday adventures on facebook. I chose Quirky’s request at random by using the random-number-generator at random.org. I hope you like it! If you’d like me to draw your pet, go check my free … Read more

Sketch of a dog called Nacho in ballpoint pen

Hi everyone! Here’s a dog called Nacho. Nacho’s owner shared my “free drawing request offer” on facebook, and today I picked her with the randomness-generator at random.org (random numbers from static noise! It doesn’t get more random than that!) I think this sketch could have been better, if I had zoomed a little in and … Read more

Drawing of a cat called Trinny in ballpoint pen and India ink

Here’s a cat called Trinny. Her owner requested a drawing via Facebook, and I picked her photo randomly out of the queue.. (with a randomness generator at random.com !) She was really fun to draw – I hope you all like it! 461 Do you like this drawing I did of Trinny the cat? @ilovecatsApp … Read more