A cat in ballpoint pen

Here’s another facebook request – here’s the original photo This is in fact a drawing gone bad with another drawing on top – slightly less bad but still bad. Blackness added for that “oh, it’s expressionism” feel trying to salvage things. Better luck next time! That was drawing number 497 https://www.facebook.com/OneDrawingDaily/posts/864916473580438

Ozzy the Chihuahua dog. Drawing in pencil

Here’s a Chihuahua called Ozzy for you. Each time I write “Chihuahua” it’s actually a copy/paste from somewhere else. I’d like to improve my English, but learning to spell “Chihuahua” is just a little too ambitious for me. I’m not even going to try. (Ok, I know that it’s not even of English origin) This … Read more

Sketch of a dog called Misaki in ballpoint pen

Hi everyone. This is another facebook drawing request. The dog is called Misaki and is a blogger over at “The misadventures of Misaki” I’m not too satisfied with this drawing. I think that something went wrong with the mouth and no matter how much I kept drawing, it didn’t correct itself! I think that this … Read more

Sketch of a little dog called Thumper. In a bumblebee suit! Ballpoint pen

Here’s another drawing from my “daily facebook drawing draw” (click the link for info about entering) It made me happy to receive this photo in my inbox.. A little dog dressed up as a bumblebee.. and then it sticks its tongue out.. Yes! I’m quite happy with it! This one, like the Sheltie-drawing earlier today … Read more

A drawing of two cats called Oliver and Calvin

Hi everyone. These two cats are called Oliver and Calvin. Their owner entered into my “daily drawing facebook draw” (still looking for a good name for it) – and today I picked them out of the list randomly. This is the first page in a new sketchbook – this time I’ve picked one with thinner … Read more

Drawing of a hamster in ballpoint pen and watercolor. For some reason it’s pink.

Another facebook request This is a (indulged) hamster from the blog Indulged Furries – The owner entered into my daily-drawing-draw on facebook by liking my facebook page and sharing my pet drawing offer (fireworks and flashes!) on her facebook wall. – I pick one entry at random every day (or whenever I can) It turned … Read more