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Drawing of an elephant in ballpoint pen after a photo by Cheryl Merril

I love elephants! And so does Cheryl Merril, who’s posting an elephant photo every day! I did this drawing after this elephant photo And I think it turned out pretty good.. When you… Continue reading

Elephant transformation #5 (Drawing 84 )

Fifth step in my elephant transformation. This time i moved from collage to watercolor. I thought that the simple fact of radicaly changing medium would represent enough of an abstraction, but the new… Continue reading

Elephant transformation #4 ( “Drawing” 69 )

I realise that this is not a drawing – and it doesn’t stricly count in my “one drawing a day” mission.. I’m counting it anyway, though, because i make the rules around here.… Continue reading

Elephant transformation #3 ( Drawing 68 )

The poor guy is starting to get a little assymetric, and quite top-heavy.. I don’t know if i ought to try and correct that, or if I’ll just wait and see what becomes… Continue reading

Elephant transformation #2 ( Drawing 65 )

  The elephant is getting stranger by the day.

Elephant transformation #1 ( Drawing 61 )

Good morning! The the right is the elephant i did yesterday – click on it to go to the post. The one on the left, i just did. It’s the first in a… Continue reading

5th elephant. (59)

Here’s another pen-elephant – the photo by Susan Portnoy

Elephant 4. Elephants holdning.. Hands ( 58 )

Yesterday was really busy at school, so i only made one drawing in the morning – I don’t know if it’ll be like that today aswell, but I hope to get to draw… Continue reading

Elephant in ink, ( Drawing 57 )

An attept with an ink pen. As i have mentioned before I’m not very confident in using pens, or anything “permanent” for that matter – the reason is, that i tend to “search”… Continue reading

Another elephant – this time drawn ny pencil – based upon a photo by Susan Portnoy

After the drawing i did this morning, i felt like drawing another elephant. I found this excellent photo by Susan Portnoy and i decided that this time, i’d do a pencil drawing. I’m… Continue reading