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Drawing 2 out of three dog commissions in ballpoint pen

I’ve got a lot of drawing done today! Here’s drawing 2 out of a set of three that was commissioned by twitter user @haidehmehr a while back. See the first drawing commission here… Continue reading

First out of three commissioned dog drawings

I did a sketch for the twitter user @haidehmehr a while back. She was so happy with it that she asked me to make three new drawings – one of each of her… Continue reading

9 drawings from the last two weeks

Hi there! I’m back from my vacation – I haven’t drawn everyday, but I did manage to queue up 9 drawings for this blog. A few of them I’m quite happy about, but… Continue reading

A commissioned drawing of a dog called Liberty in watercolor and ballpoint pen

This is another commissioned drawing –  this time of Liberty who is a therapy-dog! The drawing was requested by the Twitter-user @MaggieBezerra – I hope you like it. This one is in A4… Continue reading

Some thoughts about where it’s going and 10 new cats and dogs!

It’s been a long time, I know! This is just to check in, and keep this blog afloat. I’m afraid to say that it still might be a while before I’m back to… Continue reading

A cat and a dog

Here’s my latest two sketches. One of a cat – and one of a dog. They’re my drawings number 566 and 567 since the 9th September 2014. They’re both really quick sketches drawn… Continue reading

Wacky dog and another cat

Here’s what I did today drawing wise.. Would you look at that dog! No – there is no creative modification of this and that and it isn’t a caricature. This majestic creature just… Continue reading

9 drawings from the last week or so

Hi everyone! This is me checking in with 9 drawings from the last week! I hope you like them! These are my 551th to 559th drawings since September 2014!

8 drawings from the last week.

Hi everyone. I’m still alive, and I’m still drawing pretty much every day. Sorry about not being too talkative about it. This is not exactly what a blog is supposed to be about,… Continue reading

Four drawings from the last couple of days

Hi guys! I’ve been absent for a few days here on my blog! There are multiple reasons for all that, but I’ve had to skip a few days. A lot of stuff is… Continue reading