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6 mediocre drawings – will make more of an effort next time :)

Sometimes you just don’t feel it. I’m pretty unsatisfied with the three dog drawings above. It’s a result of being a bit too sleepy and or careless while drawing – which reflects in… Continue reading

9 drawings from the last two weeks

Hi there! I’m back from my vacation – I haven’t drawn everyday, but I did manage to queue up 9 drawings for this blog. A few of them I’m quite happy about, but… Continue reading

Drawing of Texas the cat in charcoal and ballpoint pen – oh and it’s #500 !

Here’s a drawing of a cat called Texas. This is another facebook request. This is my 500’th drawing since the 9th September 2014 ! That’s a lot of drawings! Number I did my… Continue reading

370 Portrait of Fernando Chui, the Chief Executive of Macau – Drawing in charcoal and pencil

This is Fernando Chui, the Chief Executive of Macau – I was not 100% sure who is the real head of state of Macau – there are three people mentioned on wikipedia, and… Continue reading

206 self portrait #23

188 Self-portrait #21

See my other self-portraits here

184 Self Portrait # 19

You might ask “But, normally, with the human species, aren’t the eyes aligned horizontally?” The answer is no. No they’re not. See my other self-portraits here

181 Self-portrait #18

This is a quick self-portrait in charcoal I got a lot of suggestions after my last self-portrait yesterday – on of them was papict who suggested that i try charcoal. So here it… Continue reading

135-136 Two quick “plein air” perspectives

One in charcoal/grey watercolour pencil and one in pencil. I bought myself a “folding-chair-backpack” so, now the approaching winter is my only excuse not to get out and draw.

130-131 Two lightning quick Renoir studies

Originals here and here Maybe these are in fact too quickly done. I could imagine that it’d be a good excersice to often do these turbo-sketches in order to get better at capturing… Continue reading