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Perspective in apartment #100

It’s the HOUNDRETH drawing that I’m posting here! It’s in A3 and took a couple of hours. Normally my drawings fit into a very small sketchbook (10X14cm)  – but today I wanted to… Continue reading

Perspective from desk. Drawing 91

It’s not completely off.

Vincent’s chair ( Drawing 90 )

This is a chair, drawn after a Van Gogh Painting. His own chair apparently. He painted it on a happy painting-binge while he passed some time with Paul Gauguin whom Van Gogh’s brother,… Continue reading

View from the kitchen ( Drawing 85 )

The perspective is getting there – I make some mistakes, that i didn’t want to correct in the proces, though.. It’s nice to draw real-life stuff instead of drawing from photos.

Waiting in the airport. Drawing 80

We’re sitting half asleep waiting in the airport. It’s been a nice trip, although i haven’t drawn as much as i thought i would. All drawings i’ve done here have been really quick-… Continue reading